Your Marriage ceremony is the most important part of your Wedding Day because during this ceremony you declare your love and commitment and legally become united as a married couple.

I offer three Ceremony Packages:

The Sapphire Package provides a defined ceremony format, but does not include any additional special inclusions.

The Emerald Package has a defined ceremony format and gives you the opportunity to include three additional special inclusions. For example: Special Poems and Readings, Ring Ceremony, Closing Blessing (many others to choose from).


The Diamond Package’s ceremony format is defined but expanded with the services available in the Emerald Package PLUS the opportunity to further customise your Ceremony and include a rehearsal as well as special activities, symbols, rituals and themes

Each of the packages allows your ceremony to be personalised so that it reflects you as a couple.

Your ceremony will be presented in a professional manner. It will flow smoothly, hold the attention of your family and friends, while still being an intimate and personal experience for both of you. A perfect ceremony for a perfect day!


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